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4 oz Coconut Wax Candle - Choose Your Scent | Clean Burning, Nontoxic, Hand-Poured Luxury Candle | Perfect Gift

4 oz Coconut Wax Candle - Choose Your Scent | Clean Burning, Nontoxic, Hand-Poured Luxury Candle | Perfect Gift

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Our premium coconut wax blend candles are carefully poured into a stylish 4 oz vessels with a lid. Our candles are meticulously made using a premium all-natural luxury vegan coconut wax blend, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. Paired with premium non-toxic fragrances, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, our candles promise a delightful sensory journey.

To elevate your experience further, we use 100% cotton wicks that are not only eco-conscious but also free of lead and zinc. Indulge in the beauty of our candles, knowing that every detail has been crafted with your well-being and satisfaction in mind.

Thank you for choosing Eve's and Co. to enhance your ambiance.

All candles are made in small batches and hand poured in our studio.
Burn time: Approx 15-20 hours
4 oz, Width / Height:  3 h x 2 w

Available Scents:
Fragrance profile: rich mahogany, dark oak, topped with floral notes of jasmine and citrus.

Baked Apple Pie
Fragrance profile: juicy apples, cinnamon, and spices

Cactus Blossom 
Fragrance Profile: crisp citrus, aloe, green leaves, patchouli

Frange profile:  fresh and juicy citruses enhanced with tropical Calamansi, Persimmon, and sweet apple.

Citrus + Mint
Fragrance profile: mint, apple, citrus, and spice

Coconut Lime 
Fragrance Profile: Lime, coconut, tropical fruit, vanilla

Cranberry Mimosa 
Fragrance profile: ripe cranberries, sparkling wine, fresh citrus

Cucumber Green Tea
Fragrance profile: green leaves, fresh cucumber, jasmine blossom

Egyptian Amber 
Fragrance profile : jasmine, lavender, clove, grapefruit, sandalwood, patchouli

Evergreen Elegance 
Fragrance profile: evergreen, cedarwood, fir, pine

Glace Noir 
Fragrance profile: bright citrus, jasmine, woodsy musk

Golden Hour
Fragrance profile: A blend of sweet tropical citrus fruit, tropical foliage, with the warmth of a subtle woody breeze.

Guava Nectar
Fragrance profile: vibrant guava, passionfruit, peach

Fragrance profile: scent expresses a popular delicious Filipino dessert made using shaved ice, evaporated milk, Jackfruit, sweet jelly, palm pith, coconut, and ube ice cream.

Island Rhythm 
Fragrance profile: juicy pineapple, citrus burst, tropical mango, passionfruit, and a touch of warm vanilla

Lavender + Cedar
Fragrance Profile: lavender, green leaves, cedar, sea mist

Mango and Coconut Milk 
Fragrance profile: mango, peach, and coconut milk

Fragrance profile:  sweet fruit, rice flour and a touch of vanilla.

Fragrance profile:  balanced blend of tea leaves, creamy oat milk, and matcha powder

Paloma Paradise
Fragrance profile: sweet citrus, mint leaves, cedarwood

Pink Grapefruit 
Fragrance profile: pink grapefruit, orange, peach, subtle woody spices

Pumpkin Spice 
Fragrance profile: Toasty notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, spices, and a touch of vanilla.

Rose + Ivory Lily
Fragrance profile: rose, basil, lily, sandalwood

Fragrance profile: The most fragrant Jasmine of them ALL. A popular scent in Asia, and is the national flower of the Philippines.  Jasmine, neroli, finished off with subtle woodsy aromats

Santal & Coconut 
Fragrance profile:  sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean, coconut

Sea Salt & Orchid 
Fragrance Profile: orange, sea salt, orchid, tonka bean

Sparkling Wine 
Fragrance profile: sparkling white wine, mixed berries, juicy tangerine, sweet vanilla

Fragrance profile: aka "purple yam" is sweet with a hint of vanilla, creamy coconut, and a touch of toasted nuts.

White Tea + Citrus
Fragrance profile: white tea, citrus fruits


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